Sunday, 14 January 2018

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Decorating the attic 1980s

Thomas and Babs ...

pennys first walk 4th feb 2004

A day at the beach March 2007

Sean , Rosa, Kelsey and Penny....

victorian bonnets

loved these images ,they are Daguerreotypes  yet they look like picture s of  modern girls!

A second in time

They say when you start to get older you cling to the past.....i look at this photo  taken by our friend Archie with my camera,and i feel sad. Sad that those amazing days have gone.You don't realise or at least i didn't that they would become the best days of your life. My baby  sister Joanne by my side.
We had went to the old church ruins at the top of the burn  to take some pics one of those hot summer days that stick in your mind.

 God knows what we were eating , looks like one of those sherbet sticks .

 i always wonder what i was whispering to her.....a second in time captured forever...

happy happy days ...36 year ago.......

Thursday, 11 January 2018


   coloured by myself....a young Joan Crawford....loved the new  TV series FEUD!

a visit to the beach 1980s

Johnny Wilson ,    Thomas,s best friend at the Beach...