Sunday, 11 March 2018

old age... mothers day and meringue!

I'm way behind in life at the minute...maybe because all of a sudden my arthritis has gone from  pain factor 2 to 10 in a blink of an eye.

I suddenly feel old...and in pain and slow but I'm really not complaining...well maybe a little, old age has a habit of creeping up behind you when you least expect it.   Add that to a family member being ill  , loads of horrible viruses flying around  Rosa being far from home and poorly  snow  the cold  i could go on but i wont! My little dog MUMU  is a constant joy in my life .

I tried my sister Jackie's green soup  low in calories and quite delicious according to my sis put every green veg in a pan boil it with stock season and wizz !

This little button hasn't been very well at all....note Mumu the hoover! Thankfully she seems to be on the mend  she loves Mu and hes devoted to her. When she sleeps he curls up next to her ..he follows her around all day.What  a beautiful breed ..Chinese crested powder puff is his breed...loyal sweet funny best dog ever

 My little Bean....the tiny dog who thinks hes a German shepherd ....eccentric naughty loud but what a  character and he keeps my feet warm in bed   lol

 Hubby bought me a kumquat tree  and I'm having a battle to keep Peppermint from ripping it up she done that to my two avocado plants id grew! what a naughty girl but i love her....

One of the gifts i got off Sean for Mothers Day   thank you son x

My lovely Mother...on her special day 

We went to my sisters for  dinner  , a very quiet affair  for a change  Jackie's house is usually full to the brim shes the one who arranges amazing get together. But today was laid back and very low kids apart from our Sisi who was stopping with her grandad and came along for an amazing dinner   thanks jax   x

Have you ever seen her table this empty!!!

 Of course everyone knows that Jackie is the baker in the family and makes some amazing cakes .This was what my mam asked for  lemon meringue cheese cake!

 It was unbelievable!!

 Later on Emma called over with her girls and Madison and i took some pics... a few of my mams grandchildren....

That's more like my lot!!! Hope you had a wonderful day mam you re so loved xxxx

Maddox peeping out the window...

Lofty came to collect the girls and i managed to get this handsome chap captured on my camera  Cosmo xxxxxx

memories ....