Monday, 30 December 2013

the girls xx

 my sister and her daughter Lauren ...these were all taken at one of my sisters cocktail party's hence they actually posed for me!!!
 I'm not saying they were a bit worse for ware niece Sass and my amazing mum ,,,,,,,,,

 her sister Laura...........

and Jackie with her other daughter Emma............

yours truly trying to hide behind Lauren!!!i hate my picture taken! These are some of the women in my other sis and niece are missing....Joanne and wonderful girls all strong women in their own right ...all because of our wonderful  upbringing.....we love you Nancy xx

Saturday, 28 December 2013


 Its hard being a baby!!!!!
 one of the best gifts Ive ever had a photo of my little elf!!!
 Christmas candles filling the house with special smells............
 This odd looking thing is what is left of my mums Christmas Santa that was made of icing!! It sat on the first Christmas cake she ever bought when i was new born!! Its hung on my mums tree for 30 year  and mine for the same amount of time...its worn away to just the cotton wool inside the icing long gone  generations of children  holding it and sometimes having a sly lick of Santa's scarlet iced coat!!!i haven't the heart to throw it out!!my children would  kill me!! its the first decoration they look for!!!

 A lovely gift from my cousin Liz i love it a needle holder................
 Still fast asleep bless her .....................
 Sean's new game looks awful! but he loves it!!!
 a beautiful star another gift from my talented cousin!!!

 My daughter in law bought me this awesome diary!! Rosa you cant have it love ...........its mine xxx

 another home made gift a hand made book from Joan i so love handmade!!! Shes so talented!!!
 Rosa's hand and foot Rudolph made many moons ago!!
 A gift from my amazing sister in law  in honour of a great grandad who's  so missed.......... its the first Christmas without Danny and we lit a candle Christmas eve for  him xxx Celtic was and always will be his team xxx

Ive been truly blessed this Christmas with loads of gifts...a secret Santa a huge bouquet of flowers  my crafty friends and family  tom and sue  spoiling me and gifts from liz and seans godmother!!! and to top it all my beautiful Holly Ann 
I count my blessings ...and even though its been a very hard few year I'm looking forward to facing the new year knowing how really blessed i am xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas dinner at tom and sues xxx

 We have had an amazing Christmas..thank you to my secret Santa who sent me fifty pounds last week love you xxxx
 Waiting for Christmas dinner...made by sue who Rosa said makes the best dinners ever!! sorry mam even better than you!!
 Sean agrees!!!!!!
 Holly opened my mams gift and  really loved it!!
 Having a sweetie break!!!
 She loved the rag doll we bought her and kissed it and cuddled it!!!!
 Mr Christmas pudding himself Thomas x

 Holly dancing on her mams knee!!!
 and dancing!!!
 and dancing!!

 Happy Christmas to all my family my craft Liz my cousin, Leah  and all my old friends Sonia , Irene  etc xxxxxxx Hope everyone who follows my blog has had a lovely time and has an amazing new year ...stay safe and don't forget the real meaning of Christmas ........
A king is born xxxxxx

memories ....