Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bunnys sun and my lost backyard!!!!!!

Oh how i miss my old back yard!Why oh why did i let them destroy it and plaster it in putty coloured bricks back and front!!!many a beautiful summer  i had growing kale, lettuce tomatoes!!My home made wooden beds made by Tom!!!Broad beans, and courgettes grew in abundance!Curling thier  way skywards ..........

The walls we painted over the years some things from Rosa's home school years, some of  her favourite subjects !!!Women's rights!

The party's!! Birthdays  Get togethers ,Halloween ,Bonfire night ,,,,meals  in the sun and endless sun bathing!!The  above is Rosas 14th birthday party!

My darling Bunny's who are so missed!!

Looking out of the window at  my trees and birds!!

Planting every spring and watching things grow at an amazing rate!

Well i now have a putty coloured yard like everyone else   i must  admit its a lot warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer ! We have saved money  but i miss my colour !1This summer i have plans to paint and plant! That's if we have better weather than last year!Watch this space!!!!x

Friday, 13 February 2015

Meeting mam for sisters secret party!

I met my mam in Newcastle's Granger market

It holds so many memory's for me  my dad would bring me and my brother here sometimes  and buy us  dinner ...the smells and the colours of this vibrant place is part of me ...i shopped here when i was young and newly wed  !came with my mam as a little girl and  with my grandma once...i miss Newcastle  the town family and my friends so much!
 I miss this lady most of all !!!

Was so tempted to buy a pair of these for Rosa!

 Ive photographed this character so many times!!!

 We had  dinner in a small cafe while my brother  whisked my sister home as they had both been to visit our Milo who's still in hospital bless him ..... go to his facebook page and read about our brave little boy!!

I love the city and the grand buildings......

as soon as we had the all clear from my bro we hurried to  the metro

Soon i was home sweet home back to my mams house!!!What a day !!now for the party!!!

Party cake and fun!

The table was set!!!!!!

The bunting was hung!!!!!!

Birthday cake at the ready!!!!!

Extra excited children!!!!!


and waiting!!!!

For this amazing mum, beautiful daughter, aunt and sis!!!!!sorry Jackie !!!!shes going to kill me!!!

 even little law was getting restless!!!

Nana was getting restless!!!!

Little ones hiding!!!and waiting!!!

Madison on guard at the window! all of a sudden she shouted shes here!!!on went happy birthday on the CD player and i was poised for the picture of the night!!a shocked sis coming through the door!!!!!

Well this is it!!!a cake and a lidl bag!!!!! fail . com!!

 She got the surprise of her life!!!

 Out came her favourite tipple gin!!!ha ha!!!
 and the party started.......................Nana and Emma...

 The kids started to  tuck into the food..............

 A little  princess arrived ..Isis had been to her first school disco!!!
 Its just amazing spending time with my awesome family i do miss them.......

 i love this picture of Lauren ...not long now sweetie and thank you for  having such a lovely party!!!

Happy faces!!  Maddox

Lauren made soup  don't forget to mail me the recipe!!!!!


Jackie  hubby Davey and Lauren......

 watching frozen!!!

Happy Birthday dear sister love you so much!!!!

The girls danced the  night away !!
and the little boys wrestled!!!what a lovely night!!!!x

memories ....