Friday, 31 July 2015

Edinburgh Castle 1990s number 2!

 Film number 2....Edinburgh 1990 me and Babs wandering around the castle!!!!seems like yesterday!!!!!!

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Happy Birthday Dear Mam xxxx

Long lost beach pics!

 I say long lost but of course they were never lost...i should say  they were lying in a plastic bag at the back of  my dresser. 13 year they've sat....the colour deteriorating every month! I  popped my hand into the bag and pulled out two films...wondering what they were .As i handed them over to the lovely lady in boots who now knows its negs only no prints please!!! i hoped id have some  images worth working on!

60 unprocessed films!! I'm slowly getting through them and what a joy its been.

Though i have to say many many mixed emotions!!!
All of the films date from the late 70s  onwards and Ive had a mixed bag of results! outings with our women's group..the closure of the rosehill young women's project ,holidays of my late  husband Neil that i just cant seem to face having to blog about! so many  ships tall ships   ships on the tyne, my second roll of film today is the tall ships at Newcastle   1980 something!!!! and kids  loads of kids.

 But this film!!! the delight as i saw the images slowly come to life!!

 My beautiful daughter looks about five.....

The excitement on her and her brothers faces!!!

My mum  looks  into the camera ....

 Tons of childhood memories filtered trips to Tynemouth and Whitley bay!

 Sitting on the sand in my bright yellow nylon swimsuit  with my bucket and spade and my brother...the little beach Cullercoates a tiny bay that was small and safe...eating sandwiches full of crunchy sand ....eating ice lollies!!!

Watching my mam and dad and gran sitting in deckchairs...though my dad didn't last long he hated the beach and always went for a walk! probably having a pint in  a pub on the promenade!
 These were taken at Skegness i think!!!

 To be honest its a guess but where ever it was we look as if were having such a good time.....

i wonder where the time has gone???How is my little girl  all ready for uni???life goes by  in a blink of an eye!!!

 and generation after generation  go to the  sandy sandwiches  build sandcastles and make memory's!!!

It  makes me think about the family from Germany in the 1940s......My album of holiday snaps...looking through my glass at them on the beach with their  beautiful children building their sandcastles....making their memories....

The wonder of photography never ceases to amaze me.....a second in time captured! memories made.....hope you like them mam xxxxx Its my mams Birthday today happy Birthday mam and im looking forward to our Birthday trip next week love you xxxx  to the same place we went to 15 year ago!!!


                                        Today I'm wearing mostly Auntie Liz xxxxxxx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Our day with Hollyanne...

 My little whirlwind paid a visit today! She stole my glasses!!!

Then she stole puppy bean!!

We took her for lunch!!she stole Rosa's chips too!

She spent half an hour looking for treats for her Squeeky! and made grandad  lift her to see all the animals....

She finally choose a new bottle for him and some  stickles....she was very excited to give them to him...

 My lovely Rosa joined us, I'm trying to spend as much time with her before she leaves !!!
 Holly  spent ten minutes telling me about  the new bottle!!

 Then before i  new she gave me a demo!!!good job its new!

Having  the rest of her food she didn't eat....

and waiting for Uncle Sean to put ABC on....the two hoovers hovering! waiting for food!!

We looked at  Millie, Dixie and Maddox on holiday...then she had a cornetto!!!

Got to love her!!

VARNA 1080s

THE COB...1980s Newcastle

memories ....