Sunday, 24 December 2017

Bean x

Happy Christmas ....x

 Its Christmas eve....everyone is in bed,the turkeys cooked the foods prepared the gifts under the tree.
 I always sit by myself on Christmas eve thinking about family and friends who have passed on ..the wonderful childhood memories that come flooding back....the excitement  the laughter . mam cooking Christmas dinner  dad opening his gifts....the smells  everything comes flooding back!
 This year has been a hard year..mostly with family illness   ..but i still count my blessings

We have got through this year as we always do...I'm blessed to have a close family  we have an amazing bond and for that i thank my mam and dad x

We have had some good times ..... two of my children are now at uni and doing very well i have two amazing granddaughters and a lovely daughter in law  the best husband ever ...and a wonderful son Sean who is so special to me...

 i have found my long lost cousin who lives in Australia we have had two new babies join our family i acquired another dog..and two Kitty's...a new friend who i am grateful for ..i have lovely crafty friends and Mrs Alf who's been  a constant  presence in my life since i moved here from home....

So i am truly blessed...we will face the new year with love and strength together....i hope all my beautiful friends and family have a wonderful Christmas  and above all i pray for a gentle and loving peace to descend from heaven

Winter morning

Drinking gin in Edinbrugh

An afternoon at the park..