Friday, 29 May 2015

Our V-E day party!

 In the 1980s l was lucky enough to live in Stanley Street Howden....lucky because in all my years i never came across such a street!The first word that comes to mind is communal......The backlane was our meeting place, we sat and watched each others children, supported each other through thick and thin, shared food when we were short of money and above all grew to be strong strong women!!!Forming a women's group called willo .but that's another blog!!!Sometime in 1980s  it was the 50 year  celebration of v-e day. We decided to have a party for everyone!!!The people in our lane , our friends and family.....I found these negatives a while ago and put a few on face book!!They were so popular i decided to do this blog....please all my friends help yourself to the images but please don't take any from my  other posts without asking!! ENJOY!!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

patricks phone!

Today i eventually removed all of the  photos from Patrick's phone ..i was amazed to find over a years worth of images!!some he took and some i took!!as i always steal his phone as the cameras so much better than mine...looking at them as they appeared on my PC screen made me reilise how blessed i am....that's Mo above i took that yesterday at the shop  hes always smiling and such a lovely lovely man...
my beautiful little Bean who's such a joy!!posing in his bow tie....a present from my lovely hubby!!!

Patrick at his rockabilly weekend with best friend and brother in law Davie!  My lovely man !!!
Rosa  on holiday in Dorset last year we had such a lovely time  and this photo made me reilise how much our family life is going to change soon when Rosa starts uni!!

Shopping with the girls!!!wed all been to pound land to raid the jewellery for our crafting!!i left my awesome friends behind in Tyne side 19 year ago when i moved here and i miss them every day ..but Ive made some fantastic friends here!!!

Halloween!!this is my eldest son!!!Him and his wife  throw some brilliant parties!!every occasion they can think of is a get together at theirs!!i love my son and his wife so much  and of course they have given me the greatest gift ever my two granddaughter's!!!

 Me and Hollyanne  in McDonald's!!one weekend when we snuck out with grandad!!

 Hollyanne has brought so much to our lives......

and now we have another !!born just weeks ago and after a very very scary start to her life shes fine thank the lord!!!! So I'm so looking forward to that part of my life!!i am lucky!!

I love my sneaky outings with Sean ...eating breakfast and talking about his latest you tube vids!!Life with Sean has been challenging but i wouldn't swap him for the world he brightens my days with his amazing sense of humour!!!!! Ive learnt so much from Sean ....and still am x

My sneaky days out with Patrick !!eating really  bad food!!!

 and my days out with Rosa girl!!at least we eat healthy most the time!!!

 so I'm not that bad off in life Ive realised!I'm surrounded by wonderful family...friends!!grandchildren and all my great nieces and nephews!!!

Through all the good times and some awful awful bad times!!

Ive got a lot to be thankful for!!!!eh penny pop pit!!!!

 Rosa leaves soon and  I'm hoping i cope with the fact shes flying the nest!! but fly she must!!!!

 life will go on.......memory's will be made ......

tom and Hollyanne 

 I'm going to miss my girl like crazy!!as we are so close  but all i can say about that is Rosa fly Hun !!!!and make your own awesome memory's!!   xxxxx

memories ....