Monday, 18 May 2015

A special visit to nanas

Introducing my beautiful new granddaughter ....Sophie Isabella 

 tom and sue  brought the girls to see Nana and  we joined them all piling into their new car!

a lot of my family made it to see the new baby including the  cutie above!! Teddy my great nephew!!!

the kids had great fun playing in Nana's garden in the sun!

 Holly loved it!!

me spying on my sis who refused to give anyone a hold of baby !!!

 holly went looking for faeries with her best pal Maddox................
 Holly jumping for the camera!!

 she loves her cousins  and follows Millie all over or as she calls her mini!!!

washing hands after playing in the garden!

 the last budgie!!his brother and sister  died not so long ago poor thing!!

 playing on Nana's stairs!!!i just love Hollyanne's face!!!

 mams flowers off Davey!!
 and  sues cake baked by my amazing sis Jackie!!!
 little teddy and mum Lauren x

 love this one look at that face!!!
 playing with Nanny's toys!!
 Hollyanne and Dixie.........
and more hand washing!!they love my mams bathroom !!!!had a lovely day and hope my family who couldnt make it for various reasons enjoys these pics of my lovely new  Grandaughter and my lovely cousins liz and nancy  miss you all xxxx

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