Wednesday, 27 February 2013


proud mamax

 It was such a beautiful sunny day as i walked with Judith to the doctors,i couldn't believe the sun was blazing down casting the most amazing shadows!

I love whats left of this road part of a housing estate that has been pulled down.It  reminds me of the back lanes we played in when we were tiny and living in Wallsend with my grandparents...happy memory's!
 We had to call in for a quick coffee.....

Afterwards we stopped at the bus planned to visit a friend from church...but it never happened!!

I ended up on here going home !! Id accidentally took both sets of keys out with me and Rosa phoned to say she was locked in????mmmm where was Sean and Rachel...were was the key to the back door!! My daughter was locked in..what if there was a fire!!Sean and Rachel had disappeared!! i found the backdoor key...............................

 Here!!!in Sean's pocket!! He'd locked Rosa in and climbed over the back wall to go to the pub!!!
 I wasn't mad , i should have been.....but Sean and Rachel had went to the park! Then into the beer garden....

 That was a massive thing for Sean to achieve as he has a form of Acrophobia !!

Instead of being angry i was so proud of him!!

Well done son!!!

A big achievement!!!

 This is Rosie and her new owner.........

 and Daisy........

and beautiful Basil................

It was quite a dog fest!

I never have sat in the beer garden even though its on my doorstep....but i sat  and had a coke with my son and his girl and really enjoyed just chilling out on such a lovely day...i hope this is the start of summer!!

and this lovely girl survived, she didn't set fire to anything and  enjoyed her quiet time too......must remember to buy another key !!!

A typical night!! pie not rabbit unfortunatly.....only joking!!

Last night we  picked up Rosa, i love snapping photos in the dark, i did have a really expensive camera but a certain daughter who wont be named and shamed dropped it!!it was a few month out of its guarantee and stupidly id forgotten to extend the warranty!  That Christmas Tom and Sue bought me a point and press which i loved...Patrick dropped it within weeks!!!it was beyond repair!!!Off he rushed out the same night, i did have a bit of a tantrum about it!!!!I cant exist without a camera!!!He bought me a Nikon cool pix which is a lovely little thing.....

But after the cameras Ive had over the years i still long for a really good one...i can dream i suppose!! What with the horrible recession, the price of food sky rocketing each week ill just have to dream!!Here is the culprit....making sure his wallet is  tightly shut!!!

and here is the other culprit!!You see the problem is their always being silly.Mucking about doing really stupid things!!Like father like daughter.....My husband loves to laugh...I mean look at this picture...this is the norm!! and by the way that's Rosa's hat he has on his head!!! The mind boggles!!!

 At least life isn't boring...and it  makes the mundane things in life more preparing tea!!!

 Pie was on the menu tonight!!!!

 I painted one of my kitchen walls with chalkboard paint....i thought it would be amazing  for leaving little messages...writing down my shopping list, reminders to the family!! NO i didn't expect the level of graffiti I'm cleaning off a huge wall...what was i thinking!!! i still haven't found out who drew the rude picture eh Sean!!!

 Rachel visited she is trying out the new day bed!!! Rachel is so lovely and makes me laugh...she has an amazing sense of humour which  fits in with the rest of the family!!

 Why  cant anyone  be serious!!! .......

This is Rosa's  serious face as i disturb her watching TV!!!

and this is Mr Boris Snuffles as he realises that his mama is coming to put him to bed!!!

Thats the said bunny making a run for it!!!Half an hour it took me to catch him!!!!
While  everyone was glued to Got to dance!!!now  that's funny!!!

memories ....