Friday, 30 November 2012

Laid back bunnys!

Our two bunny's spend a lot of time inside

There very well behaved Bunny's and  don't wee ....they have the odd poo!!on their bunny pillows!!

There just a pair of laid back bunny's  who sit and watch TV!! We so love them.....But Sean please try and remember to put the bunny blanket down and i don't have to wash  my chair covers and blanket!!!

Three daft women loads of hats and scones!!!

Today i met two special friends in town! Karin and Janis, id never seen them for about  six months and  Janis rang me last night to say they wanted to meet up with me!What an amazing time we had.....

 We went to the Bay Leaf for a bite to eat...............

and  discovered this amazing shop run by two really lovely ladies...and so talented!!

The shop window looked so lovely and Christmasy....i meant to ask how much the ginger bread house was!!

Love the Christmas cup cakes.......

 I loved this cake in a bird cage .........The two women told us that they would soon be running classes for a limited amount of people in cup cake decorating and sugar craft, of course we've decided to  go on the can find them on face book,,,Thank you ladies for allowing me to  put your stunning cakes on my blog!!


The  town looked very  festive with trees and lights up!

Christmas is coming!!

Two daft women trying on hats!!!

 Looking around the pound shop.......................

and b and m

alsoHMV !!

 stunning lights in Wellington  Square

i couldn't believe how pretty this tree was from the  pound shop................

another cake................from our newly discovered cake shop!!

The girls phoning home........

A cold cold day We walked along to see the Sparkles market to be told it was on next week...........

There  worse than teenagers!!!

Do my ears look big in this!!!

then it was goodbyes  till we meet next week...yes were going to meet every week and back home in the  freezing cold  thank you Janis and Karin for such  a fun filled day it was such a massive pick me up that i needed xxxxxx

Thursday, 29 November 2012


i renewed my phone six month ago ...I'm hopeless with anything that resembles  technology so i said to my darling hubby just pick any phone as long as it has a good camera on it...he picked a  Samsung galaxy mini good enough phone terrible camera!!! But I'm obsessed  with instagram!!!

Here's some of my pics!!!!
Reminds me of  the homemade cameras i made with  the kids many moons ago out of  boxes and tins!!
We used photographic paper for negatives

wonderful effects how i would love an old fashioned darkroom again!!

The hours i spent with my best friends Varna and Babs and my little boy

Amazing memories!!!!

last few weeks in pictures.........

long time no blog!!

My last blog post was coming along nicely!!When all of a sudden i got a message to say that id used all of my picture storage!! I was so upset......My lovely son Sean sorted it today for me and now for a very small fee that even i can afford I'm back up and running!! It works out a two pound a month....serves me right for talking too much and putting on too many pics!!  x

so true............

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

This was yesterday! the whole street was bathed in a blue
 grey glow...i saw my friend Judith out and she scurried home before the rain didn't!!

It almost looked like id put   a blue filter on my camera which of course i cant...not like the cameras i used in the  seventies and eighties!!  

i love this picture of Sean fixing his play station......really odd as the picture is so focused yet the TV blurred...I love experimenting and miss my darkroom!!many moons ago  ,i spent hours in it...My eldest son  loved to help me and  was potty about photography!! He was very talented and was lucky enough to study under the wonderful photographer Irene Reddish and was the youngest person to be awarded a Northern Arts grant at the age of eight...his exhibition travelled around the UK He still is a very talented photographer and artist .......

Sean had an appointment in town.....i always take him for a hot beef sandwich  before he attends a bit of a carrot on a stick moment!!!This is a fairly new coffee shop plus food cafe ..they sell the best coffee in town!!I prefer this to Nero's  and its very reasonable the staff are friendly and the food  beautiful!! Worth a visit!

The weather was so bad.......

Anyone want to come to a party!!!!

Amazing book that I'm still reading....a Christmas gift from my lovely husband.........

Thank you son for your help...don't know what id do without you xxxx

memories ....