Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Weekend fun!

The weekend started well with Sean sorting out my new mode m thank you son

 Next were weekend chores ...Sean grated my breadcrumbs which i had to throw out!!!USE A PLATE SON not your jeans!!!

 Rosa opted for ironing!!and my dining room looked more like a laundry!!

Sean cleaning i had to laugh at his choice of tee shirt!!
 He managed to cut his finger!!!

Tidy kitchen...note the beer can....left over from  shandy that we drunk last night!!

I think my kids are so sick of my camera they just make stupid faces!!! waiting for Rachel....

 Rachel arrives  with Christmas presents to wrap shes so organised...note Rosa's half done ironing just left!!!and the black sack full of fancy dress costumes!!

Getting ready for a Halloween party, Sean has an allergic reaction to white face paint, wed just scrubbed it off and he looks like he has grey hair!!

 Getting ready!!

 AGGH!! Its Count Dracula!!love the wig!!

Rosa's gift from us the hunger Games DVD and pendent, ......

and Patrick  was oblivious of the fun that was going on around him....FOOTBALL was on TV!!!
 I couldn't believe id slept in for church so  we sneaked out for a coffee and a look around for Christmas gifts
 The weather was grey and rainy and so cold!!!
 We always go and have a look around the WORKS i would love this off Santa  Patrick

or this!!

 and defiantly this!!

Sean and Rosa would love this!!

The heavens opened!

 Claire's accessories had some really good offers on..buy one get one free and i bought some sweet things for a certain  persons stocking!!
There were lots of pumpkins about!

Then it was off home for a warm

and my lovely little family....honestly where did i get them from!!!

A quick trip into town......

 A quick trip into town to pay bills!!

The  bus stop bathed in colour!!

No dramatic skies just freezing  cold!!

We met one of the sweetest men i know...Hes from Iraq and spent some time living in our street. I love our street , its so diverse.We have care in the community  flats, houses for  asylum seekers, elderly and young a hotch, potch of people who all live together well, apart for a small minority who seem to be hell bent on causing anti social behaviour!! That's  the way of the world today,we are so lucky to have a very strong  resident group  run by an amazing  woman who has for ten year dedicated herself to  keeping our little area safe,and built up brilliant relationships with the local bobbies who we love and our councillors . Back to Grandad. that's what we all call him a beautiful gentle man who escaped his country to the safety of ours That's grandads feet!!next to Sean ,Sean and him seem to gossip for ages even though theres somewhat of a language barrier...Grandad is a Muslim  and he always  blesses us  when he sees us...I'm a christian and we ofton  discuss our sadness at how people cant  live in harmony and just get on with each other....

We got back home and Sean did his usual watch TV and text!!

Even Penny watched a bit of TV
Then i made some hot chocolate to warm up!!i love making hot chocolate it reminds me that winter is on its way...all the lovely traditions  of  Halloween, Bonfire night and  Christmas!!! x

memories ....