Sunday, 24 August 2014

This week !

A trip out with Hollyanne

 Waiting for her apple juice.................

 Grandad bought her a chocolate muffin!

 Saying cheese for Grandma!

 Holly cleaning up!!!!
 She even cleaned me and grandad!

Having a rest cleaning is tiring!!!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Blog Blog Blog!!!!

 It seems such a long time since Ive had time to really sit down and do a blog post! At the moment life seems just hectic.Ive spent a few days watching my darling granddaughter...............
 She keeps me in stitches with her antics and is so funny !i never knew i could love a baby as much as my own babies  but omg i do!!!
 These are her new fish that i gave her and she spent all day insisting we went to look at them loving the blue sand!
 The last few weeks Ive come across a few letters ...this one was written from a fox hole in the mist of a big battle !! really fascinating reading and as i read this unbelievable letter from a young marine to his gang of friends i was struck with the importance of this unique piece of social history...........
 I wondered if this young man who said he was in the middle of a battle the devil would  have ran from!!survived.I'm going to do a bit of research as soon as i have time and also on a beautiful letter i found from a young soldier to his love called ivy !!.....It really made me think of the turmoil that's going on today in the world .so so sad............
 Banana porridge! now that's a complete change! but I'm really trying to be a bit more healthy and am going to join the gym soon with Sean!!!its just at the minute I'm having an all round workout with all the decorating I'm doing and extra hours at work!!!!! Ive just bought a bike from my really good friend and neighbour !!I'm really looking forward to having some outings with jenny!!!
 The weather seems to be changing and theres a chill in the air...........
 It didn't stop me from going to tea shop Wednesday!
 My little darling saying cheese for me!!!
 I loved Dimps new tattoo so her!!!!
 Tea arrived though me and Sue were good and ate healthy salads!!
 This is my lovely friend Tracy making us all laugh with a photo of what she found in the back of her cupboard!!!!
 Holly wasn't happy that her food didn't come first bless her!!!!!
 Holly choosing beads at the flea market..........
 and learning that you have to pay for them!!!handing over mummy and daddy's money!
 Joan  searching for bargains...........
 and Karen  having a good rummage!
I went to bed with a head full of images ! from the news and the Internet and i said a prayer for the people who are so less fortunate than us, its a scary world at the minute and as i watch my grandchild  moving fast from a baby to this wonderful little girl i pray for all the children of the world  hoping that this insanity will end soon x


 Well done to my beautiful talented daughter!!! I'm so proud of her  brilliant end of term results!!!!
Keep focused and keep up the good work and you ll achieve everything you want sweetie!!! By the way she got an overall distinction  merit for her end of term exams!!!xxxx

memories ....