Friday, 29 November 2013


Just thinking about my special friend Irene sending hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

weight loss mr Mo and fish!!!!!

Well Ive lost a grand total of one stone  and five pound in nine weeks following the slimming world  diet plan!I'm really pleased with myself and have developed a taste for some strange concoctions!!!

I  feel so much fitter  and i think the fact i seem to be working all hours has helped me with my weight loss!

 My baby went to have her picture taking at a studio this week...what a night!! She had her  hair nails and makeup done and really enjoyed herself...the pictures were lovely but way way too expensive for my liking and we came away with the one print the others costing  nearly sixty pound each!! Too near to Christmas  me thinks!!
 It seems  as if this picture was taking yesterday where has the time gone!!!

We've had some amazing Sky's over the north this last few  days!!!
 This  was taking outside of SUZICRAFT  at about five o clock !!
 Ive spent  a few nice days with Mr Mo.....
 Here showing off his amazing hand made Christmas book  after a class with Claire Chervil............
 and his cards  made in our class run by the amazing Liz. this one  he made with acetate and  alchol inks!!!
 He always puts a smile on my face and is great company with his incessant jokes and  stories about his life ...hes part of the fixtures at the shop .....................

 Thank you too Rick and Lynsey and Geoff and my lovely friend Helen for our new fish there doing very well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i love this picture i took of our drive home  in the dark i love taking pictures of the lights!!!!

Saturday, 16 November 2013


 Today i had a day off work..heaven!!! we went to town.......
 We passed Finkle street ............
 and noticed a sign!!!
 Then another!!
 We followed them and came across this little gem of a tea room...........
 I loved the window and thought straight away of my dear friend Lea who's into vintage as much as me!!!!
 OMG look at this 1920s till!!! the lady behind the counter was lovely and what struck me  right away was the 1940s music playing in the background!!
 The food looked  lovely!!
 and the decor was to die for!!!Look at the teacups Lea!!!!
 It took me all of my willpower not to have one of these!!!

 Fresh flowers on the tables!!
 and so much  stuff to look at really made me feel i was back in the  forty's!!!

 The food was out of this world!!!

 i just loved the china!!!
 even my hubby who hates cafes  loved this one and promised to take me back for afternoon tea next week!!!

 We ordered tea for two which came in a big teapot with cosy how lovely!!!
 No stainless steel leaky teapots here!!!
 a real cuppa!!!

 Loved Patrick's cup!!
 i chose  a spicy bagel with humus cheese and peppers came with a salad..guess what hubby chose!!!!
 a crunchy cupcake which he said was beautiful!!!!
 It is the nicest tea room in Stockton and I'm dying to visit with my friend and to take my mum and sister!!!

 the food was scrummy  and the prices were so good!!!
Thank you Mr g and don't forget our afternoon tea next week and thank you REMEMBER ME TEA ROOMS ...what lovely service food and  what a brilliant atmosphere!!!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

TV Bonzo and isnt it cold

 Yes how awful but this is how i watched my son on TV!!!  i was so tired i didn't have the energy to cook!!
 Penny could hear Toms voice and wouldn't take her eyes off him she adores him!!
 Toms stenscape card................
 him in action................
 i had a cuppa

 Then went to sit with livey and Bonzo..............
 Hes getting so big!!

 This morning was sooo frosty!!
 Christmas is on its way!!

 Sean sporting a bed head!!!
and Rosa showing off her new day bed x

memories ....