Sunday, 29 November 2015

a week in pictures

A magical night!

 once upon a time there were two little girls called Holly Anne and Sophie and their mum and dad were taking them somewhere very special....

Holly was so excited and could feel the magic in the air!!!

 everyone was dressed in their PJ's  even mum and dad????
 Holly and dad were very happy!!!
 holly knew she was going to the north pole on the polar express!!!!!
 The conductor  took them to their carriage which was at the very end of the train....
 Sophie  was so excited she started to eat her ticket!!

holly could see magic every where!!!

 What was that said Sophie??

 i think were on a magic train!!!

 Sophie started to dance on mums knee!!!

 She could see the singing chefs!!coming with hot chocolate
and cookies as big as could be!!!

 The singing chefs told the story....
 of the polar express!!
 and danced up and down the train...
 The conductor clipped their tickets ...
 and Santa's elf came and asked holly Anne and Sophie if they'd been good girls for mum and dad!
of course we have said Holly Anne
 mum dad i can hear bells!!!
 i think some ones coming who could it be!!!
 Sophie  kept watch!!!

 I think its Santa Claus!!shouted Holly Anne!!!!

 it was!!!!!

 He gave holly and Sophie a magic bell!!!
 Holly loved it!
 was that really Santa ???
 YES it was she shouted!!
 How happy the girls were!
 Holly shook her bell!!

 and shook her bell!!!
 so hard!!

 That Santa came back and sat and told Holly and Sophie  that they were going to get loads of gifts as they'd been so good!!
Holly and Sophie has a wonderful time ,,,but now it was time to go home...
 What a lovely night they'd had
 and they both were very excited for Christmas now!
 off they walked down the magical station
 Past the singing elves to go home...
 as the polar express thundered on to pick up more lovely children to have a magical magical night   happy Christmas my beautiful family x

An afternoon at the park..