Monday, 28 March 2016

Bottle gardens !!

I love the idea of using plastic bottles as mini gardens...

Ive used bottles before  to grow tomato's in and was very successful!

 But these take it a step further   what a great way to recycle!!!

   I love this idea!!

Me and my daughter in law are now collecting bottles like crazy....

Really good for small spaces!

              as you can grow up over!!!                                                                                                                                                                       

 or down over!!!!!

or even a green house!!! how about it sue!!!!!x                  all images from Gooogle!!!  Thank you !!


just found this pic...its me  thirty year ago in my house in Battlehill. The happiest year of my life!!!

Sunday, 27 March 2016


I remember it was a lovely sunny day!!! We stopped at Kinross  for the night .!Me and Babs were watching you are a talented artist and i still have the very same picture you were painting.  The sun  was  shining ,why on earth were we wearing jumpers??You'd brought your water colours along .Babs snapped these two  photos and i have always treasured these, our fated trip to Findhorn a holiday to make things right. It didn't and i faced a time of sadness and  and pain.But life goes on and  i survived  a bit battered and bruised ....

Me and my dear sis  , my friend ....always love you x

Friday, 18 March 2016

My best friend x

Bobbys seeds

I love this time of year  watching the seedlings  peeking up through the soil....a teeny tiny tomato plant peeks through

Ive planted so much Kale!!!.....Jason do you want some????

Celery and lettuce all look the same!!!!

Things  sprouting every where!!!!

 But the most amazing  plants are Bobby's seeds!!! These are twenty year old African Marigolds!!Found in my best friends house , they belonged to his lovely Dad who recently past over, lots and lots of seeds that every one said wouldn't grow!!! They seemed to grow within days of popping them into a pot!!!i was so pleased when i saw them i shed a few tears!!!I'm hoping to grow all of Bobby's seed and plant them in his garden where they belong x

A week in pictures..

 Holly on her rocking chair watching Jack and the never land  pirate's!

                            He always makes me smile ..................

Getting out the play doh

                          My flowers from hubby  note the lovely paint on my cabnit!!Thanks Holly anne xxxx


                              Book club reading..........
                                  Chilly days

                                   peace and quiet  in some where special!!

Holly Nanny Annie and her dad,,,,

Holly wanted her picture taken with her squeeky,,,she wanted me to see her new pout ..its called duck lips and my auntie Kel Kel does it!! she told me!!!I tried not to laugh!!

Of course i had to take a pic of Sqeeky  with his duck lips apparently shed been teaching him how to do it,,,,

Shes obsessed with this photo i took of my mum at  Loch -ness.....

Holly calls her Nanny Annie for some reason....

 She told me all about how Nessie lives in the water and is very friendly...

He  dives up to see Nanny Annie  when she goes every week to visit him!!

Who's that she asked??

It s your daddy when he was a little boy!!

She  was amazed!!!and  didn't speak for at least ten minutes!!!!  ....thats a record!!!!x

Sunday, 13 March 2016


My boy.......

A sunny day taken on a cheap phone......

Granny Hot Wheelz !!!!!

 We went to  York craft fair on Saturday ....This is Tracy all ready to spend and do her workshops that shed booked ...we were all  very excited...

I don't know whether June is showing off her new cutting board or hiding!!

Karen and  Tracy shopped till they dropped

 This is our Granny Joan  shouting at me for taking her picture...

Then she poked out her tongue!!!little did she know shed ran over a
Anne's toes in her chariot!!!
 We were in stitches!!!

 No real damage was done !!

and off she went oblivious  !!our own Granny Hot Wheelz !!!!

memories ....