Thursday, 31 May 2012

The last few days in pictures!!

I arrived at Suzicraft soaked to the was the crafty coffee morning!

Beautiful new stamps

Guess who got his first pair of shoes and came to show them off at his favourite shop
Harry!! and his lovley mum and dad, he also showed of his new balancing skills!!!look no HANDS!!!
Im coming for the camera!!!

Wednesday, 30 May 2012


 I have a really old camera phone that i always carry with me.I love  the quality of the pictures it takes and the function on it that  enables me to manipulate images,Ive always loved images ,photos or otherwise!!



Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Looking with my eyes as i go to the shop....noticing things for the first time...things i pass by without seeing!!

The lady that looks at me from the green door,well worn by wind and rain,

The stunning colours that jump out at me....when i open my eyes and see

The white flowers guarded by spikes tumbling over the wall

Tiny yellow suns struggling amongst the rubble

Everyday things that take on a new meaning when i open my eyes and look!

We made jubilee crowns today at Suzicraft!!!Me  and Dimps!! We have  a spectrum pen class next week  and the lovely Annette Lee who runs it challenged us all to make crowns,that's going to be a laugh!!I measured up Mr Mos head and made him a hougie hat  because we all know hes the Hougie board king....Talking of which guess who's coming to do a class at Suzicraft..Kay Ritter the lady who invented the Hougie board!!!Mo is ecstatic!!
Mo  modelling his awesome crown!!
My vintage crown!!

Dimpley having a gulp of her Crabbe's ginger ale!!Its thirsty work making royal crowns!!Hers isn't finished yet but its a masterpiece!!!

Guess who paid a visit to the shop like to  introduce you to Daisy...

Isn't she adorable,shes only  eight weeks old and all ready huge!!! This is her sister who's much smaller than her.They have been bred by  a close friend of ours .They are Black faced mastiffs,What amazing pups they are!!

she soon made herself at home and had a little snooze!!

I went home and was greeted by another amazing dog Storm who's a husky and belongs to two very special friends Chris and Steph

How handsome is he? Hes the opposite to Craig's quiet , gentle mastiffs and is full of life and spirit what an amazing dog he is and his striking eyes are  unbelievable!! I love him,,,,,

Well im off to bed as ive had a very busy day what with the excitment of crowns and doggys  having the lovely Carlos fix my back door which wasnt an easy job hes an amazing locksmith that has a shop next to Suzicraft  thank you so much x Carlos....

memories ....