Monday, 30 April 2012


OOPS! wrong night nurse!

We've had so many virus s  flying about this house the last month its been unbelievable!!Mostly  its been Rosa who's been ill !! I put this down to the fact of after being home schooled for nearly four year shes suddenly been thrust into the real life world of college and mixing with crowds of people! Her poor immune system must be on overdrive and cant cope at the moment! I always brag about the fact mum never catches anything! Well i have! i feel dreadful , i suffer from aches and pains brought on by a mixture of the natural ageing process bad genes, and the dreadful English weather at the moment but this is unreal! I feel like Ive been run over by a bus! Ive got  a horrible flu type virus and a cold.....i never get colds!Apart from swine flu the year  before last  that i couldn't seem to recover  from i picked up one bug after the other, i was finally diagnosed with post traumatic viral disorder!! It was awful! my  GP told me it  could last for up to two years and the only way to recover was rest...i think i slept about 6 month of my life away but i was lucky and after numerous blood tests  to check i was found to be clear...... but at the moment i feel DREADFUL! My lovely hubby dashed out to the chemist and bought  me night and day nurse capsules. I was in bed for eight o clock but omg i don't know what felt worse the virus or the awful  side effects of the night nurse...Ive spent all night waking up and being so doped up i couldn't move!! Awful dreams ugh!!! I'm such an awful patient! well I'm back off  bed to hit the Zzzzz  hopefully!

Sunday, 29 April 2012


Happy Birthday to two very special boys  FELIX  who's one  and MADDOX  who's two love you both so much

I couldnt belive my eyes!!

I got up early today.Hubby was off work so we decided to sneak out of the house and go for a around for some things Rosa needs for her next performance in three weeks. I step outside and......................

 The birds were still flying! But my poor little garden!!!

My little seedlings submerged.........Poor little things id looked after and nurtured them  for weeks , watered them and sang to them ,drowned! overnight!My little garden has never suffered like this!!! Rain again all day!! Off we went for coffee in the rain!
I drowned my sorrows with lemon cheese cake and a mug of coffee.

It was wet and cold and i was soaked through Though i got a few things for Rosa ,this college lark is costing a fortune! But its well worth it  ......So another dreary rainy day!!!Never mind !! Just two more outfits to buy!!!!! Got home to find the gang  sitting playing on various electronic contraptions! I sorted  three of Rosas costumes out so she was pleased

Sean was playing on Operation flash point and i got in the way of  his game...what a face!!
never seen so much rain!!
Its still raining! so there no hope for my poor flowers  suppose I'm going to have to start again ....

Yesterday was lovely  the sun was shining, so much so i decided to risk it and plant my seedlings.To say my gardens is the size of a postage stamp is no exaggeration. Every summer though its cram packed with flowers and colour and if i say it my self its rather lovely. I love growing things.Flowers and veg.So off i went , found my trowel and planted .The sky was blue and the birds were singing  could this be the start of summer i do hope so!
l planted all sorts and was so pleased with myself! Penny stood guard as usual
Enjoying the sunshine........

Some pictures for your art work

Saturday, 28 April 2012

'Hope' is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all
Emily Dickinson

A magnificent obbsession

I'm the first to hold my hands up and admit it! I cant deny it ,my family wouldn't allow me to,especially my two sisters. I'm obsessed with the past! The way ordinary people like me lived their ordinary lives day by day,In fact if i was honest i have a bit of a  an obsessive personality. It really started back in the 80s when i became  obsessed with photography.I was very lucky to be taught by an amazing lady who Ive all ready mentioned Irene Reddish who is a book illustrator an artist  teacher, performer the list is endless! If fact ill let you into a little secret....i adorned a few of Reddishs book covers heehee and so did my eldest son !!no more of that though!!........About that time i started to collect vintage cameras and albums ,photos anything to do with the past.Ill not mention my vintage clothes and hat collection that i gave away to my friend Jackie who was in a band ....i so regret that i know my daughter would have loved it now  but i didn't have room for it when i moved house and  shared it between Jackie and Reddish who also performed at the time! I collect vintage images still and have a huge amount stored on my PC. For some reason I'm  drawn to the seaside i so miss my trips to the beach, we have wonderful beaches on our doorstep in Tyneside and when i moved to Teeside 16 year ago that's one of the things i missed the most. Check these beautiful pictures out

These are from an amazing site of unbelievable images of life in the past,Ive followed this blog for a long time and i am constantly amazed at the stunning pictures a real glimpse into our past go have a look and be wowed!!!

Friday, 27 April 2012

The last few days in pictures.

The last few days!

Well what a few days Ive had...Spent a lot of time at Suzicraft.....

This morning was sunshine blazing down unlike yesterday where it rained on and off all day!
Nasty heavy rain that just didn't stop even when we went out for a lovely treat with Rosa.
what a downpour!


The food was yummy!! But today was  much better!! No rain at all!!My poor seedlings have been flattened and flooded by the rain.....thought we were going to have a drought  this summer, cant seem to fathom that one out.It was the Suzicraft card class yesterday too but i forgot to take my camera to photograph the stunning cards that were made, yet again Sue was fantastic and produced an amazing   card for the crafters! Well today was sunny all day i had lots of lovely people visit the shop.First through the door as usual was Mo.Who sat and made cards today rather than get his famous hougie board out.

Mo hard at work!

Using his favourite raisin ink
look at the wonderful colours of our craft table a well used one at that!
thank you Mo for posing for me!
His cards were really nice!!Note the spectrum pens that everyone seems to have went crazy for.I must admit me being one of the throng...there amazing!!!My wonderful friend Dimply came in and had a cuppa.
Then she done her Suzicraft dance

 taking silly pictures
She also made us laugh as usual by dancing!We have some beautiful scrapbook size k and co books full of backing paper .Me and Dimps treat ourselves to a lovely one.Dimpley is a very talented card maker and shes just started her on line card business on Facebook called Kempscards.Well worth a look!After a busy day i went home to my lovely kids!
Why do you need  a laptop connected to the TV!!also why do you need the heating on full blast and a coat on !!The mind boggles!!Men!!!!

memories ....