Tuesday, 29 September 2015

a good time....

 a big thank you to Joan who squeezed me into the car when i had no lift xxxxxx
 tea and cake!
 loved these light shades made out of plastic bottles

treats for penny and bean

 and treats for us!
 i really wanted to buy this for my sister Jackie...

 lots of entertainment......
 shop till you drop!
 our lovely chef who cooked our lunch!

and what a good time was had!x

An excited little girl x

my month

 What  a month!!what with closing the shop  Rosa going to university and other problems its been one of the hardest months in a long time.....i did manage to make blackberry jelly  not a lot!  The council decided  in their wisdom to chop down all of our blackberry bushes this year i was so upset!!!  Not prune them as they usually do but cut the whole lot down to little stumps!

were trying to eat healthier to the run up to Christmas.....

Sean is going to see one of his favourite you tubers  hes going with  p tomorrow and is so excited!

Sean's working on a collaboration vid for you tube!

 cant believe my girls gone...the house is so empty!!!thank you for every ones good wishes and the money she received!x
 Hubby bought me a pizza stone!!!!

Had a couple of lovely days crafting with sue and Joan...nearly finished my Christmas albums

i rescued the ikea light from the shop...

I'm pretty obsessed with porridge at the moment  winters coming!

Monday, 21 September 2015

best friends!

My girl has flown the nest!

 well it finally happened..my beautiful daughter moved out this week...flew the nest...the house is dead!Where has the time gone?It seems like yesterday i was brushing your hair and walking you to nursery!!!

I'm so proud yet  Ive got to be honest  I'm so sad too!!But this is the start of your new life   the thing you've been working hard  towards for the last three year!
 My beautiful girl work hard  and also have some fun...enjoy uni....ill miss you so much !

Thank goodness  we have skype!!love you xxxxxxx

Friday, 11 September 2015

a week in pictures

 Homemade pizza


Coffee with the girls............
 Hollyanne  came to stay...........

We made crawly crabs.......

A tiny teeny pepper just starting to grow....

My rhododendron's are changing colour.........

 Shadows,,,the sun is shining!

I made elderberry cough syrup!!!   i found an amazing blog! deep roots at home...go check it out!!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        my little garden in the sun................        

Marigolds my friend Julie  grew for me....

 The only orange  poppy left from the original garden Poppy's that were here when i moved 19 years ago.....

Dads rose i planted two years ago its just sprouted up this week !
 We are in the middle of an Indian summer i think!!!

Freezing cold for weeks then  amazing sunshine!!!

look what i found! a birds nest abandoned by mum and dad not long after finishing probably too much traffic!!

old friends best friends

Micheal Davies,  mark, me and sister Joanne, Buddie camera club outing.... Baz, Paul Johnson my hubby at the time  Tony,  Varna Ma...