Sunday, 30 December 2012

Boxing day fun!!!

 A trip to Tyne side to visit my family!!Loads of lovely food!! Good company!!! look at my bro hes mad....

Trendy Maddox!

Millie's baby Reborn!! so cute!!

 My sisters brilliant fireplace...
My mam with the girls!

 Dixie the next generation of photographers!!with her camera!!

 My fave girls xx

That boy again  hes so damn cute....

Then home ....i love the  beauty of the lights at night....

My birthday was on the 29th and for some reason i always take the decorations seems  as if i want the  old year to be gone as soon as possible...this year i must admit has been dreadful and i will be so pleased to welcome the new year!!

 Baubles and tinsel packed away...just like the memory's of the  old year and i will face this coming year with optimism  and hope for so many things on a personal level and with the hope that things will change for the better for us. and family ...

My amazing book from my hubby xxx

I got loads of flowers for my birthday and  look at the most beautiful mirror ever i got for Christmas off  my eldest son Tom and his partner  Sue  i LOVE it!!! xxxTHANK YOUXXXX

I'm blessed!!!


Happy Christmas....


What a few weeks...firstly my PC is dead!!!I'm so thank you Rosa for  lending me your beloved laptop!I hope  everyone had a lovely  Christmas!! Our Christmas started with a trip to watch Rosa in her wonderful Pantomime Robson Crusoe.....Well done Rosa and all of the other performers!!!

Then it was  all systems go to decorate the rest of the house....

Cookie making.....

an amazing Christmas Eve  present from Tom and Sue  thank you so much xxx

Rachel and her family called Christmas eve plus a rather scary reindeer!!!

Then off into the cold wintry night ...home to hang up stockings!!

A tradition in our house...Christmas with the Cranks on Christmas eve!!!

Of course someone was so excited he didn't go to sleep till four in the morning!! This is another Christmas tradition!!!

Then up at six to open gifts!!!!!

look who Santa's  left under the tree!!!

OMG!!!!!theres so many gifts!!!!

Then we had a lovely Christmas feast!!! What a lovely day a visit from TomSue and Kelsey!! loads of gifts!!Phone calls from home.........and not forgetting the real meaning of Christmas ,the day a child  far away was born to change the world forever...Happy Christmas to everyone...all my family friends cousin Liz   i love you all xxx

Wednesday, 12 December 2012


Today for some reason is a day for reflection....maybe its something to do with aching bones and creaky joints   a slowness that seems to have taken hold...I'm getting old!! I think about Christmas past surrounded by loved ones that have past on...children who needed me and  just boundless love. Funny how  you never think things will change when your young!! Every thing is exciting new babies new relationships  friendships that will never end and most of all parents.......................
A faded photo in a tiny frame..two little girls posing on a mountain side in Wales. My first holiday ever my beloved Auntie Balance and Uncle  Tommy  took us  for a week in a caravan..Me my brother and their two youngest children..Robin and our Janet,  I  always referred to her as our !! She was  my cousin my best friend and we spent every minute of the day together..exploring the local farm on blackberry hill, we loved horses and art .We were mad on the secret seven and formed our own club spending hours planning and making our clubhouse cosy,,,my aunty's shed!! We spent endless summers  gardening and climbing trees...Janet was bossy, loud  full of fun and i loved her. Needless to say we grew up and married she became a nurse and had two beautiful girls. I went on to have my life and three children.....We stayed in touch through family and even though we were so close we drifted apart.Janet was forty when she lost her life to cancer...........When I'm really down  i always seem to drift back to our Janet, its as if shes there still scolding me for  being silly. I still see her yellow blond hair in pigtails...egging me on to get on with life no matter how hard it is. This year has been one of the hardest years for me having to deal with personal problems and  a lot of other faith has got me through and  a memory of  a little girl sitting with me on a mountain side all those years i would give anything to go back just for a minute to say how much i loved you...Merry Christmas  Janet and i love you xxx

christmas bunnys ice and baubles!!

Parcels under the tree!!!

 A gift from Rachel  baubles from Disneyland!!

 Beautiful handmade cards from my crafty friends xx

Grandad Vince's card  for Sean.....

My bairns!!excited for Christmas!!!!

ice in my yard!!

Christmas  Bunny's  whats for breakfast!!!

Boris first out for a cuddle!!

My holiday cookie from America and Millie!!!
 Effie Trinket wants a cuddle too!!!

 Carols card!!

Liz's beautiful Xmas bunting!!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Santas Grotto.

Today i went to my friend Carols for a Christmas cuppa!!

Look at her stunning door....that was just the start it was like a visit to Santa's grotto!!

I met up with some lovely friends i hadn't seen for months and we ate sweet mince pies munched on sandwiches and  cookies not for getting the dollops of cream......

Every time someone moved something started to sing or dance!!!

 It was so funny!!The whole house is covered in Christmas trees and festive fun!!

 Her main tree in her front room was beautiful, even the lights flashed to music!!!

 Here's Mrs Claus herself putting batteries in her Santa sledge!  She  said they were all put out for her grandchildren but we didn't believe her at all!!

 I think id get a bit of a shock if i saw this man in red at the bottom of my bed!!!

 I loved her tinsley, sparkly hanging decorations that even matched her front room decor..............

Thank you Mrs Claus and her  little eves for making the afternoon so special xxxx  have a lovely Christmas girls xxx

memories ....