Thursday, 27 August 2015


Today we went to see Peppa pig!! Poor Kelsey fell out of the car!!!OOPS!

Sara Jane  came along with her boys......and the sun shone!

Getting  her lotion on!

This little poppet loved it ....


our picnic

It was crowded and lots of people were turned away....what a smile!!!

Enjoying her wrap...

 and enjoying her dinner!!!

 It was so lovely lots of family's enjoying them selves!!

   Holly was sure she could see Peppa!!!

Shes here!!!

 is it her????

meeting Peppa Pig....

   We managed to get to the front!!

Hollyanne danced with peppa!!

  and sang!!!

  and joined in!!

  It was all too much  for her when Peppa  waved goodbye .....
The boys told her  that we were going to the fair!!!

memories ....