Sunday, 22 March 2015

Susan,s Baby Shower....

Today was a very special day...Family and very close friends met to celebrate with sue at the wonderful Remember me Tea Rooms.....

The lovely  Claire and her staff were there waiting for us....

 We chose the tea rooms as its such a beautiful place and the food is exceptional  and we love the staff!!

waiting for our tea!!

The guests....Joan  my mum  Dimps and Rosa....

 Tracy                                                                                Kelsey and Karen

 My sis Jackie and myself                                                  Becky

I was so pleased sues aunt could make it!Holly waiting for her cake!


 We are  all excited at the fact baby Sophie will be born soon....

 Afternoon tea was served and it was amazing!!!

Cheers mam!!!   Sue and Holly began to open  the gifts...

Holly loved it!

The gifts were beautiful and all the suzicraft girls put together to buy a huge nappy cake!!!made by the talented Karen.....

 i don't think Holly will part with the bunny!!!Everyone brought such lovely gifts !!!

 Joan made a book and we all wrote something for sue to read after shes had Sophie  ....

Sue and Holly loved the bunting my cousin Liz made for  Sophie's room....

My talented sister made Sue and Tom a cake....

A BIG cake!!!!

Thank you Karen for making  our present.....

Holly as usual had a brilliant time.....

A huge thanks to Claire and all the staff  who were brilliant as usual!!x  hope you enjoyed your day Sue xxxxx

Thursday, 19 March 2015

our new boy!!!!

 The newest member of our amazing family baby Teddy x
 Hollyanne having a peep!!
What a stunner congrats mum and dadxxxxx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

my last two weeks in pictures and a bit of waffling!!!

 what a busy  few weeks  busy busy busy!!!The shop seems so much busier at the minute and sue has bought some fab stock, loads of new dies colourful gilding wax which i love amazing paints which i want!!loads of lovely stuff!!!

 Rosa got a letter from her uni saying if she keeps her grades up shell be getting an award! which means an extra boost of money  We've started sorting out her finances with her which makes it so much more real....shes going to uni and i don't know whether to laugh or cry!!!
 I went out with Tom and Hollyanne ...We nipped into Maplin and couldn't get her out!
 She loved the toy cars and let herself into each one there were eight!! turned each one on and pretended to drive she is funny!
 A trip out with Sean shopping hes forever on his phone .Am i the only parent who thinks young people are obsessed with phones??

 Even when  his lunch arrived!!
 Sean with out the extra appendage!!!!
 I think we need to wash the car!

 Sue went to a craft fair so me and Tom nipped through to tyne side to see my mum..Millie was waiting for Hollyanne much to her utter delight look at that face.That's her say cheese  face!
 Felix was there with his mum my niece Laura  cant believe how grown up he looks in this shot!
 Holly loves playing with her cousins and Felix taught her to play tag which shes played constantly since!
 We visited my niece Lauren and her husband Jamie  to see the newest addition to the family baby Teddy, Holly loved it and kept us entertained Dancing  !and showing her new skill at playing tag!!

 Holly  was so gentle and was really good giving him a kiss..
 Shell be a big sis soon herself!
 Rosa made  cupcakes for mothers day and we took them to tom and sues
 We had a lovely family meal and i got some lovely preasants  but the most special was a bar of minty areo that holly had chose herself for me.She helped me eat it after tea along with a box of chocolates  thank you tom and sue xxx

 This is how i usually find hubby!!the new puppy perched on his lap!With Penny guarding him and his chair!
 I'm pretty obsessed at the minute with smoothies.This is one of my favourites  cherries banana spinach whizzed up with milk and a little touch of honey its so nice.....
 i smashed my slow cooker a few weeks ago and still haven't replaced it...i miss it and must buy one asap.The weather is so cold at the minute and it was so handy to put on in the morning and  come into something cooked and piping hot!!i love the facebook site slow cooker sados  its full of amazing recipes. Sue made Patrick a slimming world kebab in her slow cooker for mothers day tea it was amazing and low in calories  ..
 Tonight Ive had my lovely Holly for a few hours , she wanted to paint..i put an old tea shirt on her!!
 Thank goodness i did!!she painted herself, the floor her feet her table  the puppy but she enjoyed herself!!
Bless her!!!it took me ages to wash it off!!x

memories ....