Thursday, 5 March 2015

my week in pics x

Holly tucking in to chicken korma!!!her usual pose legs up!!!!watching TV    shes allowed to watch peppa pig while eating her food!!!Note the bite out of the apple i found  another three with bites out in the fruit bowl just got to love her!!!

My beautiful great niece Mads!!Her and Rosa had cooked the curry ....What  a lovely time we  had spending time together   Rosa loved having her over!

Hollyanne  getting ready to go home..........

Then she realised she hadn't painted! Shes looking a bit sad! Ive never known a little girl so obsessed with crafting and art bless her!

Took this little monkey into work, where had my little puppy went too! He was a monster!!!Guarding the shop as  if his life depended on it!!he loves the ladies coming in and making a fuss of him but didn't like the men in the unit next door much to their amusement and he chased poor Tyson  the dog from down the way!! The fact he is ten times plus his size didn't deter Bean!!! !! I had to leave his coat on as it was freezing....Butter wouldn't melt in his mouth....NOT  !!! hes just eaten through my quilt and cover while i was actually having a lazy few hours in bed on my tablet!!I thought he was chewing his toy!!!He done the same last week and chewed through his carry bag!!

This was the weather outside!!!!SNOW!!!!

Had a lovely day off  took Rosa to open her bank account  for uni and then for afternoon tea..

 Loved the little jam jar full of flowers  its still the best  tea shop in teeside !

My lovely Rosa xxxx

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