Thursday, 23 July 2015

Weepy mother alert!!!!!!!!!

 I woke today with a feeling in the pit of my stomach...for a few minutes i wondered what i was worried about...i recognised that feeling straight away!!....Then it  registered! Soon i was going to loose my girl! A bit dramatic i know to say that!   after all shes only going to uni!!!!

Id come across these little pictures last night...the power of images! Memories came flooding back...Rosa took them on her laptop  about three year ago love to know what we were all laughing about!!!
 Something must have been funny.....

 We all joined in! Sean planting a kiss on my cheek bless him! Sean who is looking forward to Rosa going, because he thinks hes going to take over her bedroom and make it into a studio!! No Sean! that's her room always a safe haven when she needs it...her own piece of home to visit when she wants to...familiar , somewhere to recharge her batteries and just be her.....

Even hubby joined in! Were all having a good laugh !!!

My baby...the little girl i waited  22 year for! My partner in crime..the one who is my shoulder to cry on and me hers!!!
From the minute i gave birth to her my life was suddenly complete.....She has my DNA coursing around her body..She is a lovely mixture of me and her dad , she has her dads amazing sense of humour and untidiness his kindness and sarcasm!! she says i have no sense of humour!!!!But  she is me! She  will stand up  and be counted when it comes to her strong beliefs about women's rights!  taking on anyone who is disrespectful of class, colour  and peoples sexuality!!It frightens me and  has me in awe at the same time...She is me when i was young and fierce!!....I am so proud of her ...I schooled her at home, after pulling her out of school!I felt the school system wasn't right for a girl like her....she gained an unconditional place at the  university that was her first choice and yes I'm PROUD...i am dreading the day i have to drive off and leave her.....but all through her life Ive told her the way to get on in life is id say a bird Rosa fly .....But i don't want her too...I'm selfish i want to keep her here with feelings i keep to myself but today they've just overwhelmed me! we are so close she is my friend my baby i waited 22 year for. Now its time for her to leave the fly!!!I'm going to miss you baby!x    but i know your going to love it! Have the best years and memories of your life...yes Rosa YOUR LIFE   enjoy!!!!  but don't forget to ring me  lol xxxxxxxx

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