Friday, 3 July 2015

hollyanne comes for dinner!!!!!

After a really busy week i at last finished my decorating and moving all the rooms around!!Holly loved it though she was really upset when she thought id gotten rid of squeeky!! Her pet lip was quivering and she cried bless her!!

At last she has room to play and now that Sophie's here i have plenty of space...

Ive never stopped using this cooker...a gift from hubby.I love it and we bought Tom and Sue one ....I can cook a healthy meal so quick and Ive made pasta  soup and even ham in  it!! Id knocked my slow cooker off the bench a few weeks ago and was going to replace it but got this instead!!

 Hollyanne loved her dinner!

 and the space!!

and the knitted toys i bought from my nieces and nephews school in Tyneside...they had a summer fair it was so good to see the school as me and my brother and sisters went  did Sean  and now the third generation!!!!

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