Monday, 27 July 2015

southlake safari zoo

Sunday morning we set off early!!We left kids and dogs fast asleep as we drove the 2 plus hours to Southlake safari zoo  It seemed to be a nice morning and i put a thick jumper on  stupidly deciding not to bring a coat!

We followed Tom Sue  the kids and Phillip Sues lovely brother and off we went on an adventure!

It wasn't too bad when we arrived though very cold! and thank you Phil for lending me your coat.

Philip posing on a Hippopotamus!!!

 Holly was excited, shes animal mad ....we stopped fora cuppa first though to warm through.

 Then off we went..

By now it was raining!!
 But that didn't stop us!!!

 Sheltering with a peacock!!!

 Waiting for the lemurs to come out to be fed!

But the lemurs decided it was too wet along with the Peacocks and giant rodents!!

 Sophie had lots of cuddles and grandad enjoyed  his time with her...cant believe how shes grown!

 Sue and tom told me there was a giant anaconda that roamed loose i didn't believe them! The smell was too much for a certain person!

Holly looking for the giant snake.

                     She found it! i didn't  feel like going to photograph it!


Loved the peacocks  sheltering from the drizzle!

  and these four old men!

                            Holly insisted they were squeekys ....that's what she calls her Guinea pig..........

The emus!

 We found four wallaby's sheltering ...two were babies and we couldn't get Holly out of the shed  ....

It started to clear a bit...
        we saw the snow leopard, wolves and the tiger....

            But these are my favourites......

  Patrick looking at the monkeys

  I adore birds and on the way to the car we had to go through the vulture cage i thought this was a big boy!

 Until i met this!!! We were stuck inside the cage for twenty minutes as he would not let us out!!!!!

 He was running after people ! and we slipped past when he wasn't looking or I'm sure wed still be there! scary!

We popped into the gift shop for sweets to take home for Sean and Rosa. we left a bit early  and as we drove home the weather changed to dry and sunny  Holly was able to have an extra two hours of fun watching the animals bein fed! Thank you Tom and Sue for inviting us!!!x...

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  1. Looks brill, i wanna take the kids there xx


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