Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jackies Family Party!!!

 My beautiful sister had a Family party today in honour of our cousin Mark. We hadn't seen Mark for years and it was lovely to meet his Daughter Rio....

 Mark is so like my uncle Dick...his grandad!!

Everyone was there apart from Laura  and Stephen and their kids....Laura and Stephen were at a fund raising event for OUR MILO.....i hope everything went well for them....and we missed you x

 Me and my Daughter in law Susan!!!!!  x

Lauren and Jamie were there with their new baby boy Teddy............

 My lovely son Tom a rare photo of him not making a stupid face!!!

 I was thrilled that my  little sister Joanne made it this is my niece  Rachel with  the stunning Ruby Jo look at that hair!!!
 The legend that is Lofty!!!

 I couldn't believe it another  lovely pic of my other  son Sean,,,,

I spoke too soon!! My lovely second granddaughter was so nice to be with family as i miss them so much.
Me and Stacy with Two odd characters  in the background!!!

 I'm so blessed to have the family i do i love them all...Sara ...

 Emma Claire and  baby Teddy

Davey and friends since they were little boys and they married me and my sis lol!!!They don't look too happy!!!

 I don't get to see my baby sister Joanne  very ofton but i couldn't believe it when she turned up i had to sneak a picture of her as she hates having her photo taken...oops !! sorry Jo!!!my nephew  Liam came as well!!

 Patrick and my nephew Micheal...what do i say about this ha ha!!

 My amazing mam  with Mark and Lauren...

 Had a wonderful time sis thank you so much for inviting us x  Lauren and baby Sophie....

Our wonderful Jason with Sean ,,,,love you all  and miss you terribly!!!xxx

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