Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Our day with Hollyanne...

 My little whirlwind paid a visit today! She stole my glasses!!!

Then she stole puppy bean!!

We took her for lunch!!she stole Rosa's chips too!

She spent half an hour looking for treats for her Squeeky! and made grandad  lift her to see all the animals....

She finally choose a new bottle for him and some  stickles....she was very excited to give them to him...

 My lovely Rosa joined us, I'm trying to spend as much time with her before she leaves !!!
 Holly  spent ten minutes telling me about  the new bottle!!

 Then before i  new she gave me a demo!!!good job its new!

Having  the rest of her food she didn't eat....

and waiting for Uncle Sean to put ABC on....the two hoovers hovering! waiting for food!!

We looked at  Millie, Dixie and Maddox on holiday...then she had a cornetto!!!

Got to love her!!

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