Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Hollyanne goes to the pet shop!

Today we took Hollyanne out

 She had her lunch while me and grandad had a drink

  Grandad was silly as usual!

We went to pets at home....

          Holly found a wife for Squeeky.....

    But then she wanted a fish!!!

       And another one!!!!!

         She loved the fish!

    She found Nemo!

                      and sponge bob!

                   She  decided shed have a baby dragon!

    or even better a snake!

     She told grandad shed picked her snake!

   maybe this one grandad!

      She wanted some plants for her fishes at home!

    and a shell...

  But most of all she wanted the bunny with the black ears!!!

  She didn't want to go with out it!!!
   Hollyanne was sad!!

    Until grandad gogogo bought her a frozen bag!!! we love you Hollyanne to the moon and back xxx

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