Monday, 13 July 2015

Sikh festival....

 We spent a glorious afternoon at the Sikh festival on Sunday
 I was taken aback at the unbelievable colour all around!!
 I found the whole experience amazing!!!People from the Sikh community  gave out free food to everyone!!!
 It was lovely to see familys together...
 and two cultures enjoying themselves as one!!

 my hubby at the lost children stand!!!eating his lunch!!

The clothes were so stunning!!

 one of the numerous free food tents

 Patrick enjoyed the food!!

 it was lovely to sit in the sun....
I listened as a voice  rang out from the loudspeakers about the Sikh faith and was taken aback by their beliefs!!Lovely people who went out of their way to share and speak to everyone more than once i was approached and asked if i needed food and if i was enjoying myself! It was the first time id been to this annual festival but i will certainly be here next year!! A fantastic day!!!Culture colour and kindness comes to mind thank you !!1

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