Friday, 7 August 2015

Mams Birthday trip x

Setting off on a glorious day ...

Met mam as my sis brought her to meet us....she had her grandchildren so we  separated so they could go crabbing  and do what kids do!!we planned to meet later and off we went to  shop!
 We visited the Victorian photographer and had Rosa's picture took before she leaves for uni....with her dad  the first ever photo was taken with her dad when she was five..and  we've had her taken at various stages of her life!!

Patrick just loves shopping!!!should have sent him crabbing!!!!

The  weather was amazing ! all day!

 we took my mam for fish and chips.....
 looked at the amazing sights...shopped some more !

Then we climbed the 199 steps  to the abbey to meet my sis ....

 only two stops good going mam!!!

Maddox was full of questions about god...did he just have a sleep as he saw the alter and thought it was a bed!!He was sure he'd been for a snack he could see a plate!!we explained that was for the money collection then he decided to light a candle and pray for his grandads sore feet!!!he was so funny!

 Millie joined in!!

Nana bought ice lollies...

We walked back down to meet Rosa  who had asked auntie Jackie to go in here lol!

Jackie thought it was an educational type of museum...i didn't know this ...i could have told her how scary it was!! lol

Poor lad was traumatised and came out crying and saying his legs were all wobbly!!!He insisted Uncle Patrick went in to punch the naughty men who chased them!!

Mams favourite coin machines!!!

Rosa  lost her money!

Soon we said our goodbyes....
 and we went for ice cream...

and  shopped some more!

Then home   ....hope you enjoyed your Birthday treat mam was a super day  love you xxxxx

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