Friday, 29 May 2015

Our V-E day party!

 In the 1980s l was lucky enough to live in Stanley Street Howden....lucky because in all my years i never came across such a street!The first word that comes to mind is communal......The backlane was our meeting place, we sat and watched each others children, supported each other through thick and thin, shared food when we were short of money and above all grew to be strong strong women!!!Forming a women's group called willo .but that's another blog!!!Sometime in 1980s  it was the 50 year  celebration of v-e day. We decided to have a party for everyone!!!The people in our lane , our friends and family.....I found these negatives a while ago and put a few on face book!!They were so popular i decided to do this blog....please all my friends help yourself to the images but please don't take any from my  other posts without asking!! ENJOY!!!!

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