Thursday, 14 May 2015

Hollys new pet!

 Just before Christmas i lost all of my wonderful rabbits within a week!!IT WAS AWFUL !!!  They had somehow contracted a very virulent virus which wiped them out i had to burn their hutches and get rid of everything belonging to them  so as i watched everything burn i vowed id never  replace them!!I found out recently that my very good friend and neighbour  lost her six bunnies a week after mine!!!She lives  just up the road from me.......Well how do you explain to a two year old  her bunnies have died!!!

 I relented! and id like you to meet squeaky!!!Holly picked his name!!She adores him!!A beautiful timid  squeaky piggy!!!

I haven't bought him a hutch yet as I'm still a bit concerned about putting him outside...the virus my beautiful Bunny's died off can be spread by rats  birds and infected hay.......i know we didn't have rats but we have a huge pigeon population in the lane  so i think that's where it came from...hes in a huge tank snugly in the house for the time being!!!

Boris Snuffles.....

Effie trinket...

Pie Mckraken.............

and Shush Shush the ninja rabbit!!!all with my beautiful niece Dixie ....x

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