Sunday, 8 February 2015

Pet Mania petting zoo

today we went to pet mania pet shop,they has just opened a small  petting zoo ,we wernt sure what it would be like?

I was very pleasantly surprised!! Though I'm not a huge fan of caged animals i was very surprised how well the pet enclosures were built

Lots of  creepy crawlies fish  spiders and birds!

Two huge pythons in a huge tank!!!holly couldn't believe one was in the bath!

little glass windows dotted all over!

The farm animals outside i was pleased to be told were on loan from local farms and were only kept for a short stay then went back to the farms...

To be replaced with other  tame  animals...

Holly loved the donkey and goats!

in fact she loved everything apart from the spiders!!!doesn't take after uncle Sean!

So cute!!!!

I loved the birds!

Holly shouting mar mar!!that's me!!!There was a petting room where anyone could hold rabbits Guinea pigs snakes  etc plenty of sinks to wash hands and the staff were really good holly petted a snake!!i was allowed to take pics but not with the flash  ....

 The only negative tom hurt his head  now we all know hes accident prone but on this occasion it wasn't his fault!!!but he spoke to the management and they sorted the problem !!poor Tom he had a bit of a headache!!

all in all we had a lovely few hours  then it was off to the fun shack!!!!

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