Saturday, 7 February 2015

porridge friends and doggys hats !

I'm obsessed with porridge at the moment  covered in fruit i eat it every morning but its supposed to be good for you!

i decided to walk into work today......

 i love walking through this piece of park type land
 i don't know why its called the chuggy!!!but it has a listed church in the grounds which was burnt down years ago...its plonked right in the centre of town ...I'm sure my friend den would know the history but i cant pop down and ask her.She moved away a few years ago!!!come back  i miss you lol
 Our lovely Mo was first in hes at college  doing cookery and he'd cut his finger and ended up in hospital!!!
 lots of ladies came  over this morning and i had an amazing sister  mum and niece came!!!!!!
 Joan had shown the ladies last week how to make books...........
 The lovely Carole with her latest projects!!!
 Her Easter duck!!!
 and flowered box !!!shes so clever!

My lovely Millie came  miss smiler!!shes an amazing crafter and her grandma my sister Jackie bought her some craft paper and bits

Tracy's  beautiful  handmade the cover!
 and Val's handmade book the second one  since last week  all beautifully made ...........

it was my mums first time at the shop  and she loved all of the cards and samples and she even bought herself a body form to decorate!!!!to hang her earrings on!!

 they brought me a  cake from my favourite tea rooms and they said they were coming back one Saturday to craft ! i forgot to take a photo of karens canvas  its beautiful i must put a pic up!
 all in all it was a wonderful day with a lot of regulars  popping  in was lovely to see carol and her hubby !!and most of all my sis mum and great niece x

 and this is my little Bean with his new hat and scarf on.....
 from his aunt Carol thank you so much carol xxx
what a lovely day with  my best friends and family xxxxxxxx

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