Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Castielle aka shush shush the ninja rabbit!!!!!

This morning i woke up and found what was left of my climbing rose!!
 Sean thought it was hilarious!!

 Gone!!!look at the state of the pot !!!
 GUESS who's to blame..a teeny tiny spoilt ball of fluff!!Castielle Mctavish also known as shush shush the ninja rabbit!!! Shush shush as she spent three weeks hidden in the house from my lovely hubby!!and i kept getting text messages  from my churchy girls saying shush!!does he know yet!!Well he found her last week sitting on Rosa's bed!!! Luckily he just laughed!!! Shes in a plastic bin as its cleaning out hutches day ,I still have two unfixed males so we popped her in for ten minutes for her own safety!!!
 Unbelievable that such a tiny dot can jump so high!!!! so shes now back where she loves it the most sitting on my knee grinding her teeth while I'm typing this blog...apparently grinding teeth and chattering  is called a rabbit purr!!! and is a sign of contentment and pleasure!!
 Where is she i know shes around here somewhere!!!Fluffy MC crack en getting excited!!

Naughty girl!!.......we just love this little speck   xxxx


  1. Your bunnies are adorable!! The deer in our neighborhood ate my roses in the front yard so I had to move them to the backyard (it is fenced in). Made me spitting mad!

  2. id love to have deer in my yard!!i cant grow a thing with my bunnies they eat everything!!!!i live in a town that is just houses and concreate back yards but we have wild rabbits and foxes in our backlanes and we had a sparrow hawk who visits the lady two doors down its amazing how nature is all around us x


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