Wednesday, 9 July 2014

long time no blog!!!!..........

Dimps  is always UPI for a laugh!!!and after  our afternoon tea we always go shopping!!just thought these were so funny!!....Dimpley taking a selfie!!!!


Carole showing her Elvis card!! a big thank  you to all the SUZICRAFT ladies  who donated  craft products to Carole and the lighthouse  she was able to raise over two hundred pounds up to now with card and craft sales!!!!! This has  gone off to buy a large laminater  and other things the centre needs so  thank you girls xxx

Rain rain and sunshine!!!funny old weather......
Two tea shop Wednesdays have past...........

Extra hours for me at the shop as Tom has broke his arm poor thing!!!!

Patrick celebrated his fiftieth birthday  thank you Tom and sue for the wonderful dinner celebrations xxxxx
I'm counting down the days for my new camera!!!!not long now!!!

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