Monday, 5 January 2015

last week in pictures..........

 and what a week it was!A wonderful Christmas over. plenty of food gifts and sweeties!a surprise birthday party Christmas dinner at tom and sues  Jackie's festive sausage party with green Santa as usual  suzicraft party  a meal with the ladies the list is endless. Topped off with major decorating of Sean's loft and running the shop  made for a very busy and amazing Christmas.So this week has been lovely and to be honest apart from having my little pumpkin Holly Ive spent most of the week  watching TV lying in bed and doing nothing!!!!!for once ...and i loved it!

These two adore each other and Bean has actually grew a bit!

Dinner break loads of leftovers to get rid of!!!

I had a wonderful birthday even though i cant believe Ive reached the big 60  my friends were so lovely buying me some really amazing gifts  tom and sue held  my party and the best of all was a  subscription   to an ancestor site!!omg I'm obsessed!!!Its amazing Ive found a long lost aunt that we thought had died found out i have five cousins i didn't know about, my mums fathers family came from Cornwall right back to the 1600s and her mums family were from south shields!!i hope your reading this Liz!!!!!

 You can read his face!!!Really mother!!!!!! he does feel the cold bless him!!hes a real   dog!!not a lap dog  lol

Thank you Sean for my book about  how to   bake healthy doggy treats i love it!

They love them!!!
 especially this girl.......................

Though she so wanted some of my new year baking and when i said no! she

joined Bean in guarding my beautiful  Birthday cake made by one of my best friends Mrs Alf    x hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and a lovely New Year x

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