Friday, 13 January 2017

Last week in pictures part 2

Had a lovely  surprise visit from Sean's best fried Ben and his baby girl!!!  Ayala

was so good to see them...

and his little girl  is lovely !!!!

hubby found buckaroo in a charity shop for a pound!!what a bargain!!!!

Both girls love it!!!!!!especially Holly!!!!

Holly was given a new chair off Julie next door she loves it and Sophie got Holly's chair so they were both pleased !!!!


Sophie   spends half the time playing Buckaroo and half the time slyly kicking the table to make it buck!!!little tinker!!! caught in the act lol !!

Sometimes at the end of the day when their waiting for mam and dad we get wrapped up and go out with grandads torch spider hunting!!!i hate spiders but Holly loves them!!!

Its taken weeks  but Sophie has went from being terrified of the birds to loving them!!Negan and Belle are her favourites   these are really tame and just sit on her arm......

Looking rather pleased with her self she also love s the fact she has to go to the bathroom wash her hands and put on sanitiser!!I'm sure that's half the fun for her!!but she also likes to drop the toilet roll down the loo when you turn your back!!!!

All wrapped up with her new hat from my cousin Liz  sue loved the  hats etc and also the gifts off aunt Noreen x

Holly telling me that spiders are amazing and she has a pet one in the house!!!!!!!!! hope that's a fib holly!!!

One chuffed little girl she done the four jigsaws in half an hour all by herself!!!!!!


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