Thursday, 6 April 2017

OH NO!!!!

 Oh no!!!!Marmars cameras broken!!!!!


 yes my beloved camera is no more!!I'm looking on line to find a good replacement these pics were taken by my daughters Nikon point and press...

thank you Rosa x Aunt Jackie m  brought a load of tadpoles for holly and Sophie from  her mums pond    thank you so much xxxx  when they turn into frogs they are going back to her pond the girls get so excited every day  looking to see if they've sprouted legs yet!

The girls spent the afternoon playing their favourite game.....

 Zoo keeper candy and zoo keeper ladybird!!!!

 it entails dragging everything they can find into the yard...

 and setting up all their toy animals!!!

I'm so pleased summer seems to be just around the corner!

we've even put the spare bird cage out for the birdies!!when it gets a bit warmer!

Holly loves the summer

and Sophie just loves everything including trying to dip her cookie into the soil!!!!!

They planted some sunflower seeds

they love gardening their papa and mum and dad have an allotment and they always plant their back yard full of flowers and tomato's....

 Holly explainingg to me that this is a very special animal an endangered species   shes funny x

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