Monday, 15 May 2017

Mumu Pineapple and wild dancing!

Its been a funny sort of day !starting with me thinking it was half term this week and thinking i didn't have the girls!!!!...we soon got under way with snack time and the girls mixing pancakes and getting covered in flour! I made them some lovely aprons but we forgot to put them on today hence the flour covered pants....TV was put on and they waited for their pancakes

Blue berry and pineapple...Holly pinched lumps of pineapple as i cut bits off!!!!

It was Mumus first day with the girls and he loved it!hes so much more social than Bean ever was ...he spent the whole day playing , running after them and flat out sleeping ....

Bean as usual either hid from them or guarded the window incase any dodgy characters  dared step into his garden.....

As usual Squeaky was brought in by zookeeper  Candy also known as Hollyanne

Sophie decided she wanted Peppa Pig on TV...

Holly wanted Scooby Doo....

Mumu  didn't want anything on he wanted to play!

They played all afternoon!!

Holly's favourite game statues....

Squeaky met  puppy for the first time and they both just ignored each other

Sophie  being silly..

The day finished off with wild dancing    x

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