Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ramblings about the last few days, Pookie ears and Pumpkins!

 sorry about the picture quality but my camera is still in the repair shop getting fixed i hope..i don't have much luck with digital cameras this one Ive had four month and the auto focus seems to have broke down!! Give me the old cameras and darkroom any day !!look at the beautiful photos i picked up in my travels!!
 custard the budgie before going to bed!!!
 and Fluffy Mckracken...with his signature huge ears!!! reminds me of  a childhood book i loved Pookie!!! anyone remember that!!!

 I got up to this little beauty or should i say huge!!! i was feeding the Bunny's and had a feeling something was watching me!!!
 My little postage stamp garden at the front of the house hasn't amounted to much this summer though my blue berry bush  had enough fruit to make two pots of jam!! loads of sunflowers and a lot of beautiful sweet peas ...but the back yard has produced some lovely flowers...mind you  Mr and Mrs Effie and Boris naughty naughty rabbits managed to some how escape in the night and polished of a huge pot of marigolds and a tub of mint!!!my other pot of marigolds apparently  made such a comfortable bed over night and were squashed flat!!!

 Ive done loads of cleaning in and out of the house and  am busy decorating the bathroom as well as  holding down two jobs!!!...

 i have missed church three weeks running which is causing problems for me!....but things will be back to normal in the next few weeks!!
 early morning shot of a nice clean shop with Mo in the background........
 what a dull morning it was...........
 but lovely company with a smiley Mo!!
 Mos brief case   and one of his lovely cards......................
 desperate to get my hands on these to alter!!! might treat my self this week my son makes them , hes on create and craft next week selling his wonderful splogeaway products!!!
 a beautiful altered album made by Joan her work is amazing but this camera doesn't  do it justice I'm afraid!!
 By the time  i walked home the sun was blazing!!!

 I'm really excited because my sis is coming to stay........
 with these little pumpkins!!
and talking about beautiful beautiful grand daughter what a little peach xxxx

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