Thursday, 29 August 2013

busy busy busy!!!!!

At the weekend these two little sweeties came to visit!! Dixie and Millie my nieces girls

 Dixie loves animals and adores my rabbits!!!
 Millie is far to grown up to like rabbits and shes likes one direction!!!!

enjoying the park!!!
 off to pick was such a lovely weekend and the weather was glorious...we visited SUZICRAFT and  sue gave them some lovely craft supplies which kept them busy in the evening...
 Beautiful Dixie who's such a character!! shes feisty knows her own mind  adores animals she actually asked me if she could borrow Shush shush  and her hutch for a week  because daddy doesn't want her to have a rabbit!!! and she so wants one and would look after it  every day...i believe she would!!!!
 Millie is  quiet, clever ,sensitive and growing up fast its so funny  because all weekend i called her Emma...her mums name ,she is so like her mum and it brought so many memory's flooding back of amazing times, when me and my two sisters all lived in the same street next door to each other. Our children were in and out of aunties houses every day  poor Millie just ended up answering to her mums name she found it rather funny!!!
 A  visit to the museum......................

 Fruit picking........

 We took  the girls   into the new photography studio to have their pictures taken as Victorian children so sweet!!!
 We ended the weekend having a BBQ  when my lovely niece and her hubby came to collect the girls........

Poor Effie Trinket and naughty sister!!! she thought this was funny!!!
What a lovely weekend we had and me and my sis were absolutely shattered!!I'm so looking forward to the next visit and am hoping  my other amazing great nieces and nephews visit too xxxx love you allxxxx


  1. Lush.....they had a fab time. Thanx for having them xxx


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