Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Im Back At Last!!-!!-

 Thank goodness i have my camera back!!  well a replacement one!! The shop sent it away for repair 16 days ago and i have a sneaky feeling they have lost it!!its been awful and anyone who knows me  will be aware of the fact i don't go any where without my camera from the  early eighty's to now i always  have carried  a camera . My poor hubby looks glum tonight we are both really exhausted and could do with a holiday FAT CHANCE!!!!
 So it was  a quick coffee after work and a visit to the store  then home  a few quick snaps to test it was working OK!!

cant believe how slow ARGOS was  16  days and still no camera the auto focus had broken after five month so i was a little disappointed with the camera and the service BUT  at least i have a new one in its place though Ive missed so much that's went on over the summer! No doubt ill make up for lost time.............i don't have many  followers  but I'm amazed at how many read  my  little blog and how many miss it when its not posted...especially my cousin Liz  so I'm back folks and so pleased to be xxx

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