Saturday, 29 March 2014

Suzicraft class!!!

 Today was a brilliant day at Suzicraft , Tom held an art class...sorry that the photos arn,t so good i forgot my camera again!!I had to use my i pad which isn't very good!!This is Dimpley holding up her work...........
 Sue looking very proud ....loved this !
 Looking so good dimps!! after loosing so much weight!!
 Toms  piece of work................
 all the ladies enjoyed the class
 and everyone produced two stunning pieces............
 An example of work by Joan  who's such a brilliant altered artist!!

 Tracy's amazing piece of work. it was amazing to watch some of the ladies who had never  made a canvas before i think we have a few converts!!!
 oops!!!!! toms machine was too high!!!!

 Hard at work!
 The intensity of colours were beautiful and every piece was so different these pictures don't do them  justice!

 Your so talented Mr Splodge away!!!!

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