Sunday, 11 May 2014

shops dogs and treats!!!!

I went  to Newcastle to visit family this week, its been a very busy week for me what with working full time and looking after puppies so i decided to start the week with a treat!!!

 Hubby and Joan came along too............

 Millie was waiting for us with the rest of the gang!!

including a very special boy!!  go look at his very own facebook page!

and this is Milo's awesome big brother Felix....................

Tom and Sue went for a well earned break and i looked after the shop.

 a sneaky shot of the ladies eating they ll kill me!!!

I also had tom and sues pups  Ben and Gizmo...

They were so good and Penny loved their much  that I'm thinking of getting another dog, i ha vent told the husband yet!!!!!

Ben missed his mama and was always on the lookout for her bless him!

He missed her so much  he would creep into my bed in the middle of the night!!!i woke up to this most mornings...we really enjoyed having them.

 The week ended  with a treat to our favourite  Tea shop!!

and i still lost a bit of weight!!!

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