Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A magnificent obsession!

No matter where i am or what i have in my hand the urge to look up is always there!A magnificent obsession! Clouds!!!!the lack of them even.............

I rush out with excitement at the closing of the day!

Rain hail or snow i have to have images of clouds! thousands of them ..spanning back to my darkroom days!

Hundreds of negatives of clouds!

Always clouds!

Even looking down!!!!
MY favourite childhood book.the diary of Anne frank....looking out of the secret annexe window watching her tree and the clouds rolling by to the sound of the chiming clock  trapped! .......

I wonder if it stems from the childish obsessions of god...a man with a large grey beard that sits up there watching over us ....taking stock of what we are doing and deciding if  are  worthy to float up there and join him and great aunt Aggie when our time comes!

or just the wonder  and the beauty of such an every day thing that  we take for granted!
I look  up every day i wake up and thank god that I'm here....

Through the storm of life  and the good times!..............I'm obsessed!!!

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