Thursday, 10 August 2017


Well not a garden a tiny back yard!!not like an American backyard  a UK back yard made of concrete and surrounded with high brick walls  our house was built in 1900. A typical terraced house of the time with back yard. Hence everything is planted in containers!!!  Id love a big garden so i could grow loads of stuff and have chickens  but i have to be content with what i have plus my dogs!!

Isn't nature cucumber plant coiled around  a big fat knitting needle!!!!!

This blue bottle must have loved the camera!!!!couldn't get rid of it!

 I have a huge container of mint and always grow lemon balm....

My tomato's are sprouting all over the place...and celery grew from an stump left after id used it in cooking ..i was amazed at how quick it re sprouted!!!!

My tomato's   lemon balm and rambling rose all living together !!
Ive had loads of beans and kale ...not bad for a tiny uk backyard x

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