Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter dinner x

Ive been ill for a week !!But today i dragged my self out of bed to go to Tom and Sues for Easter dinner!!Penny guarding the house!!!

Puppy Bean so wanted to come!!!!

 Sue is a brilliant cook  and i was so busy eating i forgot to take photos!! But the meal was wonderful thank you both of you for  making our Easter day that extra bit special xxxxGrandad reading to Holly...

She loves books ...wearing her lovely new top from granny Joan x

The sun was out  for a change this is Ben one of the two dogs belonging to tom and sue...

Grandad thought it was so funny that Holly picked up her toy pig  and said MarMar !!!! got to love that girl !!

She spent an awful amount of time upside down!!!!HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE xxx

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