Saturday, 18 April 2015

im back!

 A quick catch up and big thanks to my lovely son who looked after me when i was ill last week!!!
 and thank you for the lovely flowers Joan....
 and Patrick...Rosa thanks for all the cooking you done too....shes so busy with course work but i was in bed for eight days with an infection....I'm so lucky to have lovely kids!!!
 and friends who came into work to help me and tom with the sale stuff as they knew id been so ill xxx

i love these dream catchers  cut from splodge board!!

 and this amazing mask!!!just a few of the amazing new designs my son has been working hard on producing go along to suzicraft via face book and don't miss the fantastic sales they have!

This little boy never left my side day or night bless him!

my fish went on their summer hols yesterday!!out into the backyard for the summer i swear they grow an inch each summer their out!!!!

Penny and bean cant believe how much bean has grown!!!

 Penny's starting to look her age and  is getting bad tempered now!!!

 The excitement   Sean's loot crate arrived!!!he gets it every month from America and its full of nerdy goodies!!!

my not so little girl  is working hard  even though she got an unconditional place at uni shes still going full throttle with the hopes of a bursary !!!

we had a bet on the national !! we didn't win!

 how lovely is this well done Stockton council the high street is looking great and the children love this!!!!

Our sneaky Sunday coffee

 just me and the Mr!!!
 This little pumpkin cheered me up i hadn't seen her for a week and a half !!eating tea...
 and watching barbie!!!
 then back home with her little pal  riding with her ....
 sorting out books!!!
 love the covers of the older books
well must dash to open shop have a lovely weekend x

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