Monday, 8 June 2015

our janet......

i could not believe i found this and my cousin Janet were about 14 and travelled every weekend  for six month to photograph and write about the changes  that took place in a tiny piece of land at Whickem .for our school project!  We always visited  the  local riding school ,and made sure we visited the local shop for sweets!!Somewhere hiding in a box is a picture that she took of me on the same day posing in my new poncho that my auntie , her mum had knit me! I was so so chuffed as we were both mad on Clint Eastwood and had just seen his first spaghetti western followed by paint your waggon!! Our first crush!!We waited every week for the top ten to be played  in my bedroom on a tiny transister radio and swooned to the song wandering our ponchos of course!!This photo is 46 year old but that day and the memory of my beloved cousin is as fresh as if it were yesterday.....i ofton think of you Janet  ....and miss you still x

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