Monday, 22 June 2015

This weeks pictures!

 I haven't felt too well this week but i was cheered up by a surprise visit from my sis and niece Lauren  id took some lovely photos of baby teddy but to my dismay they were terrible!!!!

Ive spent half the night testing my camera and i think it needs to go into the shop to be checked! Patrick bought me a new counter top cooker which i love!! To replace my slow cooker i accidentally knocked off the bench!!!i so prefer this as its quick and so easy to use!!

 This week we had a family treat  to celebrate my daughter leaving collage!
 Sean enjoyed his chocolate pudding and bottomless custard!!!
 I had to photograph Tracy's home made tie dye shirt!!!love it!!
 my lovely friend jenny lee called to the shop with my beautiful god children...Jackson and abbey I couldn't believe how much weight jenny lee had lost your looking great Jen  I'm so proud of you x
 beautiful Abbey xxx
 my test shots from around the house!!!penny s not very amused....

 testing for exposure and colour!
the little monkey on the right decided to pull the stuffing out of my patchwork cushion while i was writing this blog!!!Hes getting worse as he gets older good job i love him lol x

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